Daisy & Poppy

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Daisy and Poppy are mother and daughter who are very bonded and looking for a home together. This pair are quite different from one another so their personalities compliment each other well.

Daisy is the mother (tuxedo) and is estimated at about 2 years old. She is a friendly cat who likes to get attention and pets. She enjoys head scratches and has been a wonderful mother (she came in with a younger litter of kittens who have since been adopted.) Daisy is shy when she first meets people and tends to hide when strangers come around, but once she's comfortable with you she's really sweet. Her personality is quite a laid-back, quiet one. She is submissive toward other cats and seems to be un-phased by them. Daisy does not like children or dogs. She is an indoor cat, although she does enjoy watching the birds outside.

Poppy is the daughter and has just turned 1 year old. Poppy is a very shy girl although she's starting to come out of her shell. She is very scared of people that she doesn't know and will hide from strangers, but once she's comfortable with you, she can't get enough attention. That said, Poppy is still learning to trust people as we believe that she was abused in the past. When you're sitting on the floor she wants to rub up against you and will push the other cats out of the way to get to the front of the line. Sometimes she gets over-stimulated with pets and she will strike out and hit you if you over-do-it. Due to the fact that Poppy is still learning how to trust people, it will be important for her to go to an adult-only home with someone who is quite experienced with cats, and knows how to read their body language. Poppy is afraid of dogs and children. While she is an indoor cat, she loves to sit in the window and watch what's going on outside. She would love a home with a catio or some other secure place that she can relax in a safe place but still enjoy the sights and scents of the outdoors.

Both of the girls have recently been spayed and are in good health. Since they are both shy around people they don't know, our foster-to-adopt program is available (and recommended) for this pair. Once they are settled into a new home they will make a wonderful pair of feline friends, they just need a chance to get used to a new environment.

If you'd like to learn more about Daisy and Poppy, please contact us at victoriapets@gmail.com.