Charlie Needs Your Help

Charlie is one of many kittens that came into our care last fall from very poor living conditions. Although he seemed relatively healthy (as compared to the other cats) he had a persistent ear infection that was not responding to medications or treatments. Charlie's vet suggested that when he was under anesthetic for his neuter, that he get a special scoping procedure to get a good look at the inside of his ear. Unfortunately, the scoping confirmed that Charlie had a ruptured ear drum, nasopharyngeal polyps, severe infection, and significant damage to his middle ear; a combination of problems that needs to be fixed by a specialist surgeon.

Today, Charlie was admitted to WAVES so that he can receive the special surgery that he needs, called a Bulla Osteotomy. The surgery will remove Charlie's polyps, as well as all of the damaged tissue and infection, so that his middle ear can heal. His prognosis for recovery after this surgery is very good, and it's possible that once his middle ear is fixed, that his ear drum may actually grow back.

At only 8-9 months old, this surgery will give Charlie the new lease on life that he deserves. Although all of the wonderful vets that we've been working with have provided us with discounts wherever they can, the cost for Charlie's treatment is significant. The scoping procedure that Charlie had to diagnose his issue, the surgery to repair his damaged ear, and the required after-care / medications is more than $5,000! If you are able to help Charlie by contributing toward this critically important surgery, it will forever change his life.

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