Muffin - ADOPTED!

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This absolutely gorgeous girl is Muffin and she is desperate to find a loving home. Poor Muffin lived her entire life in a loving home but she ended up at animal control after her owner suddenly passed away. Muffin has always lived a quiet lifestyle, so all of the changes that she's gone through over the last few weeks have been really difficult for her. She is sweet, but quite shy and seems to be depressed about losing her home and family (and who can blame her?) Muffin really needs to find a quiet, loving, forever home so that she can start to heal and rebuild her life.

Muffin is a bit of a quirky girl but we suspect that at this point we're only seeing glimpses of her real personality. As she settles in she is becoming more social but we believe she has a lot more personality, which will come out as she gets used to a new routine. Muffin seeks out attention from her foster mom in the evening, but during the day she prefers time to herself. She sleeps all day under the bed and comes out to eat and use the litter box. During the day she's not really interested in attention but she welcomes affection in the evenings. She's not a lap cat but she will sit next to you and enjoys pets (particularly head rubs.)

Muffin is skittish and does not like foreign/scary noises. She will run and hide when she hears a new sound or if a stranger comes in her space. She is also uncomfortable around objects like brooms and vacuums. Muffin will be best suited to a quiet home with a single person or couple, similar to her previous life prior to losing her owner. We do not know if Muffin has any experience with other pets but during her time at Animal Control, she seemed fairly indifferent to the cats in the room she was in (but she was terrified, so it's difficult to know.)

As you can see, this beauty has a lot of long hair, so she needs a family that will groom her regularly to keep her coat in good condition. She will get both matts and hairballs if she's not brushed routinely. Muffin is sort of indifferent to being brushed, but if you don't keep on top of grooming and she happens to get a matt, she gets a bit nippy when you have to brush them out.

Muffin's exact age isn't known but the vet estimates that she's approx. 10 years old. She seems to be in fairly good health, with the exception of being a little overweight. Muffin had a full blood panel done, which indicates that she's doing well on the inside. She is an indoor-only cat.

If you would like to learn more about Muffin, please contact us at and tell us about your family.