Bliss & Spice

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Bliss and Spice are a mother/daughter pair who are incredibly bonded and are looking for a home together. These two are energetic, playful, sweet, and sassy.

Bliss is a 2-3 year old Bengal X so she's incredibly athletic. She's not the type to get into trouble or to be mischievous, but she loves to jump on top of cupboards, fridges, bookshelves, etc. If you are the type of person who's not comfortable with a cat jumping up on the counter, Bliss is not the cat for you. However, if you love to play with your feline friends and enjoy a fun, energetic cat, you and Bliss will have a great time. When she's in a calm mood she likes to snuggle on the couch, but Bliss is often on the go. She's an indoor only cat but she really loves to watch birds outside the window, and to play with puzzle toys to keep her mentally stimulated.

Spice was born in August 2018 and grew up with 3 brothers, so she's quite playful but also learned how to entertain herself when the boys were wrestling and she didn't want to. Her favourite toy is a plastic fork and she loves to carry it around like a blankie. Spice is playful and really likes to be involved in everything that's going on. She's affectionate, friendly and easy to handle, but she's not really into being held.

Both cats have lived with other cats before and seem to get along with them, although the two of them are happy being a pair just on their own too. Neither have experience with dogs but could probably do well in a home with a quiet dog that respects their space. Neither of them are comfortable with young children and would be happiest in an adult home. They are both spayed.

If you'd like to learn more about Bliss & Spice, please contact us at and tell us about your family.