Tweak - ADOPTED!


Meet Tweak! This little guy is full of beans and will make a great addition to an active home. Teak loves to explore new places, jump onto high things and climb up anything that looks interesting. He is quite high energy and loves to play with and hunt his toys. Tweak plays really well with the other kittens but can be a little bit bossy with them sometimes, stealing their toys and running off with them. Tweak will do well in a home with other pets or with kids. He is incredibly affectionate and just loves to purr and cuddle.

When Tweak first came into our care he was quite sick. He had a bad upper respiratory infection and eye infections. Although his health has improved, he will always show some symptoms of his past. Tweak's upper airways are scarred from the respiratory infection that he had so he gets congested easily. It does improve with a special feline decongestant but at this time is taking regular medicating. Tweak may grow out of this as his airways continue to heal, but right now he gets oral meds as needed. He also has a scar on his eye from his previous eye infection, but it does not require any special care and does not cause any vision problems, it just gives his eye a funny colour.

Feline upper respiratory complex is caused by Feline Herpes Virus, and just like someone who had chicken pox as a child is prone to Shingles if they become stressed or ill as an adult, cats with FHV are prone to getting kitty colds in the future. Therefore, it will be important for Monster to be an indoor-only cat, and he may have symptoms such as runny eyes or sneezing at times in the future. It will be imperative that any existing cats in Tweak's new home be up to date on their vaccines. If you are not familiar with FHV, please ask your vet about it to determine if this kitten will be a good fit for your home.

If you'd like to learn more about Tweak, please contact us at and tell us about your family.