Shamrock & Limerick

Shamrock & Limerick.jpg

This lovely pair of sisters is Shamrock (seal point) and Limerick (grey). They each have their own personalities, but are very bonded and thrive with each other so are looking for a home together.

Limerick has beautiful, soft, blue/grey fur and Shamrock enjoys grooming her and cleaning her face, which is beyond adorable! Limerick is very curious and loves to hop over and visit with you, especially if you have a Craisin! She is usually the first one to check things out, while Shamrock is a bit more cautious of anything new.

These girls do not live in a cage. During the day they hang out outside in a specially built area that they can roam around in (and share with some chickens) and at night or when it's cold, they reside in a bunny palace built inside of two joined x-pens and this size suits them well. As long as they have toys to play with, boxes to push around, things to jump on, places to hide, and safe things to chew, they are very happy. They love boxes of all sizes and will be your little recyclers! They like to come out of their palace and will hop up on the couch or chair and watch tv with you!

Although these two do not like to be picked up or held too much, they will hop up on your knee, sniff and lick your face, and if you lay down they love to hop on and off you! They are endlessly curious and each has their own favourite spot for you to scratch. If you need to move them or take them somewhere they will easily hop into a crate. They are tidy bunnies and are litter trained.

Shamrock & Limerick have been in foster homes with dogs and don't seem phased by them being around. These sweet sisters would do well with older children and/or adults that understand they don’t want to be picked up or held yet, but are still very affectionate. They are very smart, curious and eager for interaction.

These two are standard-sized rabbits (about 7lbs each), are in good health, and have been vaccinated for Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease. They are close to 5 years old; estimated life-span for standard-sized rabbits is 7-10 years. They are currently being fostered in Shawnigan, BC so potential adopters will need to visit with them there. Our foster-to-adopt program is available for rabbits.

If you'd like to learn more about this pair, please contact us at and tell us a little bit about your family.