Hermes is a sweet, senior boy who is looking for a quiet retirement home. He is a laid-back cat who spends his days napping in the sun and lounging on the couch. At this stage in his life, Hermes' priorities are sleeping, eating, and getting pets. He likes to sleep on the bed at night and sometimes even under the covers.

Hermes first came into our care in 2017 when his senior owner had to go into a care facility and couldn't take him along. At that time, routine bloodwork showed that Hermes' liver values were much lower than they should have been. Further bloodwork and even an ultrasound did not provide any clues as to why Hermes' liver was sick. He is now on a daily medication (Prednisolone) which has made a big difference and Hermes is doing much better. We still don't know what caused the problem originally, but Hermes's liver is now doing better and he's a good weight now. He is currently on liquid medication every other day, which is takes very well. The vet is hopeful that we may be able to decrease Hermes' meds further, but it's possible that the pred may be a lifelong medication for Hermes.

This boy was previously in a foster home with gentle, cat-savvy dogs and he didn't mind them too much. He has also lived with other cats and was fine with them as long as they didn't get in the way of his napping or his dinner time. Hermes prefers a quiet lifestyle so would prefer not to be around children. He is an indoor only cat.

If you'd like to learn more about Hermes, please contact us at for further details.