Our kittens are almost ready for adoption!

We have several litters of kittens that will be coming ready for adoption over the next few weeks. As they are all recovering from upper respiratory infections, we are waiting for the 'thumbs up' from the vet before we can find these little guys homes. Different kittens will be coming available at different times. Due to the popularity of these kittens and the number of people who have inquired about adopting them, we will begin accepting adoption applications before the kittens are ready to go. As the kittens come available we will contact those who have the best potential to be a right match for each kitten. In an effort to minimize adoption visits and stress for our kittens and our foster homes, visits will be set up only with those who are best suited for each kitten.

If you wish to submit an adoption application, please upload the form attached here, complete it, and return it to victoriapets@gmail.com. If your application has been successfully delivered to us, you will receive an automatic email confirmation. When completing your form, please write "kittens" in the area that asks for the pet's name and leave the Pet ID blank. In the section that asks what you are looking for in a pet, please provide as much detail as you can about what type of kitten you're looking for (age, gender, personality, colour, etc). You can also list in this area if you're looking for more than 1 kitten.

Every adoption application will be reviewed by our volunteers, however, due to the volume that we are receiving we regret that we will be unable to contact each applicant individually. You will be contacted if we believe that one of our kittens will be the perfect match for your home.

For information regarding our adoption process and fees, please visit http://www.victoriapets.ca/?q=node/1196.

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