Update: October 6, 2018 - We now have 16 cats and kittens from the same house and all are in poor shape. They are working on getting better and some are improving, but some still have a long way to go. Their vet and medication bills are adding up so quickly, topping $2000 within the first 2 weeks. If you can make a donation of any amount to help these kitties, please click the donate button below.

We welcomed 8 new faces into our care after they were left behind when some tenants were evicted. They are all sick with respiratory and eye infections so it will be several weeks before they are well enough to find new homes. They are all on antibiotics and eye drops and will need a few follow up vet visits to be sure they're recovering well. The cost of caring for a group of sick kittens is considerable. If you would like to sponsor one of these little sweethearts, please click the donate button.