Mysty is an 11 year old kitty who recently found her way into our care. Unfortunately her vet exam revealed some problems that required an urgent visit to the vet hospital for treatment.

Mysty is obese so has not been able to properly clean herself for some time. Her hind end had severe urine scald with an associated skin infection, feces matted in her fur, and a raging urinary tract infection. The poor girl was in so much pain that she had to be anesthetized in order for her back end to be cleaned up because sedation wasn't enough to make her comfortable.

The good news is that Mysty is now on antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, pain medications, and a soothing barrier cream to make her more comfortable. She is also now on a diet to help her get back on track. The bad news is that the $500 bill is just the start of her road to recovery. Mysty will need further medications and follow up vet appointments to ensure that her perianal area heals well and that her urinary tract infection clears up.

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