Snowie - ADOPTED!


If you are looking for a lap cat to keep you company all day long, look no further than Snowie. This girl is an absolute love bug! She will sit on your lap as long as you'll let her, sometimes only moving begrudgingly when she's made to get up. Snowie just purrs purrs purrs all day long and is happy as long as she's getting attention. She is quite spry for her age (approx. 12y) and really enjoys playing with the laser toy and chasing a string around.

When Snowie first arrived in our care, she had a really bad dental infection and a tooth root that had abscessed and ruptured into her nasal cavity. She underwent dental surgery to have this all fixed up (as well as to have a small lump removed from her side) and she's doing really well now. Although she doesn't have many teeth left, she eats well and is happy. She does have some scaly skin on her ears and a biopsy revealed that the cause is likely allergies. Snowie is currently on a special diet to help determine if her previous food was the cause of her allergies.

Snowie has lived in home with other cats, with dogs, and with children and she seemed to get along well with all of them as long as she was given a bit of time to get used to them. Snowie has also been around caged pets and did very well with them. She's interested in watching them run around but she hasn't made any attempt to paw at them (of course, they are always secure in their cage when she's around.)

Snowie is used to being outdoors so is looking for a home with access to a safe garden, yard or patio that she can hang out in on nice days.

Snowie is a bit of a shedder so she needs a family that is willing to brush her regularly. She likes to be brushed so it's not a chore, rather an opportunity to bond with her.

This little cat worms her way into the heart of everyone who meets her. She is incredibly lovely and will make a fantastic addition to her new home. If you'd like to learn more about her, please contact us at and tell us about your family.