Noah - Adoption Pending


This extremely handsome, green-eyed gentleman is Noah. He is a great catch and is waiting to find the perfect partner in crime. Could it be you?

This guy is more like a small dog than a cat: he loves to follow his people around, he enjoys outdoor activities, and he loves to play with water. Noah also has a fondness for running water and loves to drink out of a tap or watering can. Although some of his traits are more dog-like than cat-like, Noah still understands that a human's job is to properly serve its feline overlord. This guy likes to be fed on time, to be let out when he wants to go out, and to be promptly let in when he's done. He does have a fondness for the outdoors and will do best in a home on an acreage or where there is a safe garden/yard space for him to hang out in. Noah has no qualms about jumping off a balcony, so apartment life is not for him. He especially likes watching the birds, bunnies, and bugs that frequent the yard in his current foster home. Noah does love being outside, but it seems that he prefers to be where his people are. He would love a family that enjoys gardening or yard work so that he has a tranquil place to hang out in while is basks in the sun.

When Noah first came to us, he had a large wound on his neck that we suspect was caused by an abscessed cat bite. During his time in our care, Noah hasn't been around other animals, but we suspect that he will be happiest being the only pet in the home. His wound is now healed up and does not require any further care, although there is still a big patch of fur missing. The vet isn't sure if it will grow back, but is hopeful that it will. The good news is that Noah has enough hair to try a comb-over if the hair isn't growing back as quickly as he'd like.

This guy is really sweet and loves his humans. He is inquisitive, friendly, social, and lovable. He enjoys being brushed and is easy to handle, although he doesn't love to be picked up and held for long periods of time (not a cuddler.) He has better things to do than sit still. Noah is still quite young (only 1-2 years old) so always has a lot on the go. He fancies himself a bit of a hunter and loves playing with toys that encourage hunting behaviour. Because of this, he is likely not the best cat for a home with small animals. While Noah would do Ok with older kids, he is not the right cat for young children.

Noah will make a fantastic addition to the right home. If you'd like to learn more about him, please contact us at and tell us about your family.