Please help us welcome Noah to the VPAS family. This handsome guy came to us from Victoria Animal Control Services Ltd. because he needs some extra help. Noah has a large wound on his neck and had an inconclusive test for feline leukemia (one test was positive but a second was negative.) Noah has a long road to recovery ahead of him, which will be even longer if he does in fact have feline leukemia, a disease which compromises the function of the immune system (further testing to be done in a few weeks.)

Today Noah had his first visit to Royal Oak Pet Clinic where Dr. Chambers helped us sort out a plan for his recovery. Noah didn't hesitate to check out the clinic and made sure that everyone paid attention to him. He's such a ham! It will be a while before Noah can begin the search for a new home, but he'll make a lovely companion for someone once he's all healed up!