Shamrock & Limerick (Rabbits)

If you are an experienced rabbit owner and are looking for a great pair of new best friends, Shamrock & Limerick might be just the right fit for you. These two have different personalities that compliment each other well and they are bonded (sisters) so want to find a home together.

Limerick is energetic, active, funny, and very spirited. She is very social and very smart so can likely be trained to do just about anything with treats. She is a great girl, but her smarts and her energy will keep her new family on their toes, so previous rabbit experience is a good idea for her. Limerick has gorgeous, soft, blue/grey fur and always keeps herself clean. She is very particular about where things in her area go & she gets upset when they're moved.

Shamrock is pretty easy to take care of. She can be a little bit pushy when it comes to food (she's not afraid to tell you when she wants what you have) but otherwise she's quite easy going. She's a bit more aloof than her sister but still very interested in what's going on around her.

Neither Shamrock nor Limerick are comfortable being picked up or being held. However, if you sit on the floor with them they'll be all over you. They have no problem jumping up on the couch to sit next to you & watch TV, but don't expect to cuddle with them by picking them up. Since they'd prefer not to be picked up or held, a family without young kids is probably best for this pair.

The only vice that both of these girls have is nipping at your socks or pant legs if you're taking too long to fill up their food bowl. Due to their fondness for food, their intake may have to be monitored in the future to prevent them from becoming too round. These girls aren't used to living in a cage; they generally have free run of their rabbit-proofed room and they take full advantage of it. Allowing them to continue this lifestyle and get lots of exercise will help keep their waists a little slimmer.

The girls are doing quite well with their house training so far but have a little way to go yet. Neither of them seem phased by the sounds of the cats or dog in their foster home, as long as they don't invade the bunnies' space.

If you think that your home would be the perfect match for Shamrock & Limerick, please contact us at