Bonnie is a Manx kitty who has an absolutely wonderful personality and beautiful green eyes. Despite her winning demeanor and good looks, Bonnie has a number of medical conditions that prevent us from being able to adopt her into a permanent home. She lives with our President as a forever-foster and we seem to finally have a good regimen worked out to balance all of her medical conditions. Bonnie has something called Megacolon, which means that she is prone to obstipation (a severe form of constipation) and requires daily medication & a special diet to keep her "regular." She also has bilateral luxating patellas (bad knees) and a bad back, all of which are due to her being born a Manx cat. Due to her combination of conditions, Bonnie is incontinent so can't properly control her bowels or bladder. Bonnie's medications & food cost approx $100/month.

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