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Bella came to VPAS from another rescue organization. She was a stray and when her family didn't go looking for her she ended up on death-row. Luckily for her the was saved in the nick of time and found herself at VPAS. Bella was quickly adopted into a fabulous new home. Here is an update from her new family.

Wow time flies when you're having fun! We love Bella more and more each day! She is adjusting really well, becoming more confident as time goes on. She loves to cuddle with us and smother us with kisses.
She especially loves to go for walks and her favourite place is Esquimalt Lagoon. You should see her run on the beach. It is so great to watch. Boy can she run fast! She is also starting to play with the other dogs more too, and even initiating the play. She likes to play more with dogs her own size. Hugo the Yorkie, is her favourite. They run up and down the hallway together, chasing each other. She also likes Zoe, the 6 month old Chihuahua. Zoe is a little more timid and Bella is very gentle with her. She lets Meisje chase her in the back yard and then will let her know when she's had enough. Meisje likes to play with Scooby, the 9 month old Pug, from next door. Bella will usually just watch them but occasionally she will wrestle a little with them. Too cute! I am enrolling Bella and I in a class at Pet Smart. It is a class for adult dogs that have not had any other training. Since she is very "treat motivated", I am sure she will learn very quickly. We have taken her in the boat, she likes the wind blowing in her face. She also went in the lake with me. It is still quite cold so we didn't stay in very long, but she is a good swimmer. Overall, she seems to be very happy. We feel very blessed to have her in our life.