Fico came to VPAS as a stray cat who had never had a proper home. He was in need of quite a bit of medical care to repair his broken teeth and several wounds. It took him a while to trust us (especially because we had to medicate him regularly for the first little while) but once he came around he turned into a real cuddle bug. Here is what his new family has to say about him.

"He's now "Velcro cat," following me everywhere I go, and taking great interest in whatever I'm doing.  Sometimes he stretches straight up on his hind legs like a Meerkat to get a better look at what's going on on the kitchen counter. He also loves to play with the toy mice with feather tails.  He bats them around and chases them up and down the hallway, too.  But his favorite toy is a paper grocery bag.  He dives in head first then pushes himself all over the place with his hind legs.  There is a lot of kitten in him yet."