Callie was a sweet kitty who came to us in poor shape. She was not eating, had lost weight, and seemed to be in pain, although the source was unclear. It was determined that Callie had a major infection in her abdomen but the vets were hopeful that with surgery to remove the infected area that Callie would recover. She had some major ups and downs during the time she was with us and while we were all very hopeful that she would recover, it was not meant to be. Callie's condition did not get better and her infection was not responding to antibiotics. It was a difficult decision, but it was in Callie's best interest for us to let her go. She was surrounded by new friends while the vets euthanized her and she went peacefully.

Callie will be missed by everyone who had the pleasure if meeting her. We're terribly sad that we were unable to save Callie but we're grateful that she is out of pain now. On behalf of Callie and all of the VPAS volunteers we'd like to thank all of the wonderful medical staff at Central Saanich Animal Hospital who did everything they could for this brave little soul. Rest peacefully Callie.