Poor Spartacus came to VPAS after being found as a stray cat. He was starving, very weak, and covered in fleas. The initial vet exam for Spartacus revealed that he was extremely emaciated, he was severely anemic (likely from chronic blood loss from his heavy flea infestation), and he had very bad teeth. The poor guy was barely able to walk because he had so little muscle; he could hardly hold himself up.

When Spartacus was found, he was very near death. He spent a few days in the vet hospital and after only two days in a foster home poor Spartacus lost his hard-fought battle.

Although Spartacus was only with us for just a few short days, he touched all of us in a big way. His soft spirit and loving nature was comforting to everyone who met him.

VPAS would like to thank all of those who worked so hard to make Spartacus as comfortable as possible during his last days, and to his foster mom who cared for him so diligently during the short time he was with her. We have all found comfort in knowing that Spartacus passed in a warm, safe, and loving place. We'll miss you Spartacus!