Free Veterinary Clinic for Pets of Homeless and Low Income Families

Free Veterinary Clinic for Pets of Homeless and Low Income Families

Shaw Pet and Equine Hospitals (SPH) is sponsoring a veterinary medical mission to provide free vaccinations, deworming and general health exams to pets of homeless and low income families in Greater Victoria. SPH recognizes the importance of the human/animal bond and hope to make a positive contribution to the community through providing basic veterinary care.

The team at SPH recognizes that it is difficult for low income owners to provide basic health care for domestic pets. By providing basic vaccinations and deworming, pets will be protected from serious infectious diseases and parasites.

Did you know?

· Many pets are surrendered to shelters each year because their owners cannot afford to properly provide for their needs.

· Unvaccinated pets and those with parasites pose a risk to family members, as certain diseases may be transmitted from animals to humans.

· Rabies is a viral disease that affects both animals and humans, is fatal and untreatable, yet is highly preventable through vaccination.

· Routine deworming of domestic dogs and cats is recommended by the Center for Disease Control and the Companion Animal Parasite Council

The Veterinarians and staff of SPH will be offering no-charge basic vaccinations, deworming, flea treatment and health examinations for the pets of Victoria’s homeless and Greater Victoria’s low income families on the afternoon of May 31st 2010. They will be located in the courtyard of the “Our Place” shelter on Pandora Avenue in downtown Victoria from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

SPH hopes this event is a success and can be repeated on a regular basis to provide important preventive health care for animals in need.

For more information on this subject please contact: Haley Erskine (250) 652-4312