Kamo 2 N.jpg

Kamo is very lucky to be alive. She was found as a stray, bloody, broken, and very thin. After a veterinary exam it was determined that Kamo had a badly broken and infected jaw, and a severely damaged eye, likely from receiving a trauma to the face. After weeks of medical care to repair Kamo's injuries she went into foster care and was quickly adopted by her foster mom. Here is Kamo's update.

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how Kamo is doing. She has a really good appetite. Kamo and Boo are both sleeping on my bed, one on each pillow. Kamo is such a friendly cat, as soon as I sit down she is on me. And Kamo has taken to following Adelle around the house when I'm at work (then flopping on Adelle and demanding that her head be scratched). Kamo loves being brushed and is discovering the joys of tummy-rubs. She is such a blessing in our lives.