Wigwam 1.jpg

Wigwam and her brother were found as two very sick little kittens when they were young. Wigwam found herself in foster care and it wasn't long before she had been adopted. The following email is from her new mom.

"Wigwam settled into our family very quickly when I first fostered her as a sick little kitten. With the specter of FIP hanging over her head, I was determined to not get too attached to her, but failed miserably. She has since tested negative for FIP and is now a healthy, rambunctious kitten who enjoys nothing better than to torment her "big brother." She's a wonderful little girl and I'm so glad that I was so determined to give her whatever chance I could back when her health, and even life, was so in question. I'm looking forward to the many happy years that she will spend with my household - even if my other cat isn't quite so sure about it sometimes, when she's leaping on him to play and he just wants to sleep."