Nanaimo Daily News reports of an outbreak of canine parvovirus


A Nanaimo veterinarian is warning dog owners to vaccinate their pets after a parvovirus outbreak that has already led to the deaths of two dogs. Canine parvovirus is contagious among dogs and can even live on inanimate objects, such as cage floors or food pans, for days. Symptoms can include severe vomiting and diarrhea. In the last two weeks, two dogs have died of the disease and several others have been sick, according to Ken Langelier of Island Veterinary Hospital, which recently held a vaccination clinic to help stop the spread.

Sparkie's Fight for Life

Sparkie's Fight for Life

Sparkie is VPAS' newest puppy and he needs help. He is a young Chihuahua X who has been hospitalized with Parvo. Parvovirus is a serious infection that can cause vomiting, diarrhea, fever & lethargy. Sparkie was lucky enough to find his way to VPAS before his symptoms were severe and he is undergoing medical treatment. Sparkie's medical treatment will be costly and extensive but we've all got our fingers crossed for this little guy's speedy recovery.

Injured Kitten Needs Help!

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"Pirate" is lucky to be alive. She is a 6 week old kitten who was found running down the barrier in the middle of the Trans-Canada highway earlier tonight. Not only was she scared and infested with fleas, but one of her hind legs was completely severed. Later named "Pirate" by her rescuers, this little girl is in the veterinary hospital awaiting surgery to amputate the mangled end of her leg. With such a terrible injury this little girl is very lucky to have survived.



Cash is one of VPAS biggest success stories for 2010. He came to us as a 6 month old puppy with a badly broken leg that needed major surgery to fix. Cash was in the vet hospital for a number of weeks before beginning his slow recovery in a foster home. Almost 2 months after Cash arrived at VPAS he found his forever home, and he has continued to attend rehabilitation sessions at the doggy pool to make his leg strong. Here is a letter from Cash (that his new parents helped him write) telling us of his adventures in his new home.


Bunnies For Adoption

Bunnies For Adoption

VPAS has several young bunnies that are now ready for adoption. All are very social, friendly, and easy to handle. Please see our Other Animals adoptable page for photos and bios of our bunnies.

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